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Short Term Inpatient Drug Rehab

A short term inpatient drug rehab is a drug treatment option available for those who are struggling from drug and alcohol addiction badly enough to need displacement from their everyday lives. Short term inpatient drug rehab treatment is not a sufficient treatment option for those struggling with long-term addiction, or for those who have tried but failed to find success in other short-term type programs.

A short term inpatient drug rehab will typically last around thirty days. Most short term inpatient drug rehab programs get the individual medically stabilized and off of drugs. This can several weeks in itself for individuals who have become physically dependant to drugs or alcohol, and some individuals may find that thirty days is not sufficient to achieve long-term abstinence. Some individuals find it necessary to follow up with further treatment at a long term drug rehab program or sober living facility.

Short term inpatient drug rehab is staff with professional drug treatment counselors and medical professionals trained in drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Typically, these types of programs deliver intensive but relatively brief treatment beyond drug detox and assistance through withdrawal. Short term inpatient drug rehab programs often work off of a modified twelve-step approach that includes counseling and group therapy. This counseling focuses on life skills building, and recovery tools. While in short term inpatient drug rehab, individuals live amongst each other while they receive full time care.

The goal of treatment at a short term inpatient drug rehab is to return the individual to productive functioning in the family, workplace, and community. While in treatment, the individual will learn about addiction, recovery, and relapse while getting to the root of misguided beliefs about self, others, and their environment. Counselors at a short term inpatient drug rehab will work with the individual to make lifestyle changes, manage feelings, and develop coping tools and drug refusal skills. Most important to the addicts long term success is being able to identify relapse warning signs and challenge thoughts which may lead to relapse.

Upon completion of treatment at a short term inpatient drug rehab, the individual should ultimately experience the following:

  • A reduction or completion elimination of drug cravings
  • A reduction or elimination of many symptoms that accompany drug addiction, including depression, irritability, and fatigue
  • A better attitude towards life
  • Improved memory and attention span
  • Increased energy
  • Increased sense of well being
  • The ability to think more clearly

It is highly recommended that individuals who complete a thirty day stay at a short term inpatient drug rehab follow up treatment at a sober living facility once they complete their program. This can help them to maintain their sobriety and reacclimatize to society. Being around individuals who have their best interests at heart helps in this transition process and helps them get their feet back on the ground. When they feel ready, the individual can go back into the real world on their own with a better ability to cope with life situations without having to resort back to drug use.