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Long Term Inpatient Drug Rehab

A long term inpatient drug rehab offers individuals who are struggling with addiction the highest level of care and treatment and is one of the more successful methods of drug addiction recovery. At a long term inpatient drug rehab, the individual resides at the drug rehab facility for the length of their treatment. This allows the individual to be able to focus on their treatment and not on negative influences which may trigger a relapse.

Long term inpatient drug rehab treatment can last anywhere from three months to a year and offers around the clock care and support. For individuals who have struggled with years of addiction and past failures in other types of rehab, and long term inpatient rehab is not only their best bet at recovery but most often their only hope. The reason for this is that it is almost impossible to end the cycle of addiction when you are in the same environment on a daily basis which may be triggering drug or alcohol use. It doesn't make sense to stay around the same environmental factors and influences that are contributing to addictive patterns and behaviors. For long-term addicts, the only way to beat addiction is a serious life style change accompanied by behavioral medication and counseling which gets to the root of addiction issues.

The mindset of counselors at a long term inpatient drug rehab is that successful recovery depends on the recovering individual acquiring new tools that will help them deal with situations and problems that arise in life instead of using drugs. Everything is taken into consideration including encountering someone from their days of using when they complete treatment or being able to better cope with things back at home which may have previously created psychological stress. These things will hinder the individual's goal of long-term sobriety if not addresses, and must be addressed before the individual can be considered fully rehabilitated.

A long term inpatient drug rehab focuses on developing personal accountability and responsibility. The individual is not a victim or a patient with an illness, rather they are responsible not only for their past actions but for their future actions. The curriculum at a long-term inpatient program works to examine damaging beliefs, self-concepts, and patterns of behavior that caused their destructive drug use in the past. The focus then becomes adopting new and more productive and positive behavior patterns and thought processes which will help the individual make better choices and be able to interact with others on a more positive level.

There is no quick fix for someone who has struggled with long-term addiction. It takes several weeks just to return to a stable physical state, and then a considerable length of time to address the true underlying psychological and emotional issues at the root of the addiction. A long term inpatient drug rehab can be a game changer for someone who has given up and lost all hope to ever have a normal and drug free life. Many thousands of addicts have found success at a long term inpatient drug rehab and these programs offer a new life for those who want to make a change for the better.